The number of children we can accommodate on any of our schemes is dependent on the physical location we are using and the number of appropriately trained playscheme workers who are available. Numbers are limited and completing the application form and going through the assessment process does not guarantee that we can offer a place on any of our schemes.

Obviously, we strive to offer as many places as possible but there are factors out of our control that do impose limits on numbers. Sadly, because of these constraints, even if your Social Worker had confirmed funding is available for your child to attend a Playscheme, this does not guarantee a place on the CJP scheme as the child must be assessed for suitability, and even if suitable, it will depend on the places available on any of our schemes as set out above.


UPDATE March 2024

Our Playscheme Manager, Carol Brown, retired in February 2024.

We are in the process of recruiting a new Play Scheme manager. As a result we are not able to process new applications for the scheme at the moment.

For any new families interesting in joining us, please download, complete and return to us the application forms and as soon as we have a new Play Scheme Manager in place they will review your application and be in touch to arrange a face to face meeting, if we believe your child can benefit from the scheme.


UPDATE September 2022.

We are welcoming new applications for the Autumn Term and 2023 Playschemes.  Please complete the application forms and return to us as soon as possible.



We have been inundated with applications for our Summer 2022 Playscheme and are unfortunately unable to process any new applications as we are now over-subscribed. Those who applied in May and June should already have received notification as to whether we have been able to process their application or if we have had to reject it as the application arrived after we had become over-subscribed.

We are welcoming new applications, however, please note that these will not be eligible for the Summer Scheme 2022 and will instead be processed later in the Summer ready for the Autumn Term and 2023 Playschemes.


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